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 ACROSS THE BALTIC SEA is the result of the meeting of two music bands: Polish SUTARI and Swedish FRÄNDER.


ACROSS THE BALTIC SEA is about searching for your roots, which sometimes go far, even too much water. About discovering common threads in seemingly distant cultures and traditions. About the sounds, dances and melodies that traveled across the sea to take root in a completely new tradition. About the sensitivity shaped by the contemporaneity in which we grew up and whose icons are common and beyond borders. Above all, it is about friendship, growing in the joy of making music together and discovering the riches of the Baltic weaves.



Kasia Kapela - vocals, fiddle

Basia Songin - vocals, Owl Viela, polish frame drum

Alva Granström - vocals, fiddle

Säde Tatar - vocals, flute, jew's-harp

Gabbi Dluzewski - vocasl, Swedish mandola

Daniel Dluzewski - vocals, double ba


SUPPORTED BY:             

Sutari & Fränder - Flying Swans - "Across The Baltic Sea" project
Odtwórz Wideo
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