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Liście Cień
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The new album concept is built around one of the oldest vocal traditions - lullabies.

We want to sing FOR the World (the nature and people) to bring peace, to ease pain, to calm, to heal, to strengthen. Just like mother singing lullabies to her child passes serenity, love, knowledge and protection spells. In this way we want to continue our social commitment and indifference to the world in which we live.

Premiere is planned for autumn 2023.


Our album will also feature guests - female artists with different cultural roots. Who they are:

Kurbasy is a vocal duo from Ukraine. They explore of Ukraine’s rich trove of calendar song cycles, lullabies, and legends, conjure the natural world, beliefs, and rituals, tracing contemporary connections to an archaic past. 

Emma Bonnici is an actor, singer and teacher, founder of Singing as a life practice, based in UK but with Indian roots. The seeds of the work she is doing as an artist are sown in the soil of Grotowski inspired polish physical theatre and its approaches towards integrity of performance, polyphonic music and the ancient power and stories of music rooted in people, landscape and ancient traditions.

Tara Fatehi Irani is an artist, writer and performer born in Teheran, based in London. Her work is at the intersection of the sociopolitical and the poetic and is primarily concerned with the ephemeral interactions between memories, words, bodies and sites.

Liście Cień

This summer, together with Vincent Moon, we traveled through images and sounds and plunged into the forest. We were led by lush greenery and the sounds of the stream. Not a coincidental place - near the forest studio, where we recorded a few songs from our first album "Wiano" and the album "Siostry Rzeki".


The songs Siemienica and Kobierzec are an announcement of LullabiesForTheWorld - the next album of our trio.


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

starry sky for a wreath

no stars can be seen, there is no wreath

let's dance Siemieniec


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

river meanders for a wreath

neither meanders nor wreath

let's dance Siemieniec


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

these wild swamplands for a wreath

there is no swamplands, there is no wreath

let's dance Siemieniec


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

this sea breeze for a wreath

there is neither a breeze nor a wreath

let's dance Siemieniec


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

Clear lakes for a wreath

no clean lakes, no wreath

let's dance Siemieniec


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

sweet rain for a wreath

the rain is sour, the wreath is bitter

let's dance Siemieniec


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

let's leave the trees for a wreath

trees and forests disappear 

let's dance till we have time 


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

careless breath for a wreath


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

So our houses can be safe


Siemieniec, oh world, Siemieniec

hospitality and  generosity for a wreath



she sat quietly under the silver night

where the fern's shadow is


and let her golden hair down

to the feet to the grass far far away


and three spinners came to her

and pulled out the flax


and they spun threads and weaved lots

and so sang to her


remember daughter remember blue

the taste of your young dreams


and the dampness of the earth under bare feet

and how the poppy blooms


remember dew and silver puddles

remember the sunshine


and how joy awakens lightly

and illuminates the world


remember daughter, remember smart

how the wind dances with the forest


though the strand will tangle, it is your strength

a beautiful pattern will weave

Moon session

Lullabies For The World are made of beautiful encounters.

We weave a song, we chase away evil, we call for peace.

Рости сосна / Rośnij sosno 


Sosna, to wiecznie zielone drzewo, które w wielu tradycjach symbolizuje siłę, nieśmiertelność i triumf życia nad ciemnością.

Utwór "Rośnij Sosno" to efekt naszej muzycznej współpracy z lwowskim duetem KURBASY. Spotkałyśmy by wyśpiewać Zwycięstwo, Odrodzenie i Pokój. 


"Rośnij Sosno, rozwijaj się. 

Rozkwitaj w siedemset kwiatów."


Сосна — вічнозелене дерево, яке в багатьох традиціях символізує силу, безсмертя та перемогу життя над темрявою.

 Пісня «Рости сосна» є результатом нашої музичної співпраці з львівським дуетом Курбаси. Ми зібралися наблизити разом Перемогу, Відродження та Мир


"Рости, сосна, 

Розвивайся у сімсот квіток"


Pine is an evergreen tree that in many traditions symbolizes strength, immortality and the triumph of life over darkness.

The song "Grow Pine" is the result of our musical cooperation with the Lviv duo KURBASY. We met together to sing out Victory, Rebirth and Peace. 


 "Grow, Pine, grow.

Flourish with seven hundred flowers."





CONTACT & BOOKING: Izolda Sznaps

+ 48 603 917 553

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