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The #LullabiesForTheWorld album concept is built around one of the oldest vocal traditions - lullabies. We want to sing FOR the World (the nature and people) to bring peace, to ease pain, to calm, to heal, to strengthen. Just like mother singing lullabies to her child passes serenity, love, knowledge and protection spells. In this way we want to continue our social commitment and indifference to the world in which we live. We weave a song, we chase away evil, we call for peace.


Kasia Kapela - vocal, violin, frame drum, kankles, beatbox

Basia Songin - vocal, Wolf bass, Owl viella, frame drum

Dobromiła Życzyńska - vocal, violin, frame drum

#LullabiesForTheWorld is also made of beautiful encounters. Our guests on the album are:


Kurbasy is a vocal duo from Ukraine. They explore Ukraine’s rich trove of calendar song cycles, lullabies, and legends, conjure the natural world, beliefs, and rituals, tracing contemporary connections to an archaic past.

Together we  sing "rośnij sosno / рости сосна / grow pine”


Tara Fatehi Irani is an artist, writer and performer born in Teheran, based in London. Her work is at the intersection of the sociopolitical and the poetic and is primarily concerned with the ephemeral interactions between memories, words, bodies and sites.

We sing together song "włosy / مو / hair". In this song you can also hear the voices of our Iranian friends Sarah Akbari, Roxana Ghari, Sarah Ramezani.

Joanna Kurzyńska is an actress, vocalist, violinist and Designated Linklater Teacher in Freeing the Natural Voice method. She is leading Voice in Progress Studio, working with theater group Studio Kokyu and cooperating with Instytut Grotowskiego in Wrocław. Member of Sutari band, in 2020-2021.

Asia composed with us "mara" and "siemienica". Together we sing "siemienica"

CONTACT & BOOKING: Izolda Sznaps

+ 48 603 917 553

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